Historic Preservation

The Feldman’s Neighborhood is a National Register Historic District (established in 1989; expanded in 2008). As of 2008, Feldman’s has 488 contributing properties (i.e. properties that have historic designations) to the historic district. Check the status of your home at the Planning and Development Services Website https://pro.tucsonaz.gov/. 

If it's a contributing structure:

Whether looking to update your property (historic or not) or build new, the resources below will help guide the design to maintain the unique historic look and feel of Feldman's Neighborhood. Please reach out to feldmansneighborhood@gmail.com with any questions. 

Feldman's Neighborhood Design Manual

The Feldman’s Neighborhood Design Manual provides a process to guide architectural and design requirements to assure development is compatible with the Feldman’s Neighborhood unique character as well as with the character of an applicable Development Zone. Use the design manual for new build or updates (whether a contributing property or not).


Checklist for Applicants

The checklist is for the use of building permit applicants in the Feldman's NPZ or the Jefferson Park NPZ.  It is intended to be used with the specific Design Manual listed above. 


Historic Tax Break

Owner-occupied contributing property is eligible for a generous property tax break (50% off the primary tax rate).  Information on the State Historic Property Tax Program is at https://azstateparks.com/state-historic-property-tax-reclassification-spt-for-owner-occupied-homes.  Questions about the program can be addressed to spt@azstateparks.gov.