We have the opportunity to provide COT with feedback on the Slow Street pilot on N. 4th Avenue. Here's the link to share your thoughts:

Covid-19 Update from Ward 6

I participated in a virtual meeting with Steve K and other neighborhood leaders in Ward 6. I wanted to provide a short re-cap of the meeting as our City/County Leaders are meeting regularly to manage through this unprecedented time.

Here are some key points of the call:

Essential Workers:

All Ward and City, County offices will most likely be closed through the end of May due to COVID-19, unless the situation changes.

Essential employees are working, so you can still email city contacts, etc., and expect a response. We can reach out to our Ward offices for assistance if help is needed.

City Budget:

The City budget will be impacted, the magnitude is not yet known, but it will be a main topic at the virtual Mayor and Council meeting on 4/14/2020. The revenue from the Gem Show helped the City budget, however, there is a heavy reliance on sales tax revenue, which is now been greatly impacted. This discussion will be very active through the end of the current budget year, which ends on 6/30.

PPE/COVID-19 Testing:

As most cities, there is a shortage of PPE for our healthcare workers, test kits- a Physician's order is required to be tested for COVID-19 at any test site

Homeless Population Support:

There are multiple discussions between the City/County weekly about the homeless population and how to support them during this crisis. Most of the discussion is around health, emergency transportation and food distribution.

-Most shelters have implemented a "shelter in place" order, so are not accepting new residents. This is causing an issue of what to do with homeless individuals who need shelter. Most are offering food at the door; Tippy Taps have been installed outside of shelters to assist with personal had washing.

-City of Tucson has released an RFP for hotels to help with housing the homeless for those that show signs of COVID-19 and those that are healthy

How can we help?

Pima County: looking for individuals who have a medical background who can help out in a shelter environment. hospitals or other location ( need is not immediate, but are collecting names/contact info now)

Drivers: Mobile meal drivers are desperately needed for groups that deliver meals to seniors.

Faith Based/ Neighborhood Groups:make sack lunches to assist the shelters with feeding the homeless population

Community Food Bank: Financial contributions are needed as they can take advantage of volume purchasing and can then provide broader based support

Donations at Ward 6:

The Ward 6 office will continue to collect food and personal hygiene items by appointment. Contact Steve or another staff member directly to make a donation.

What other neighborhoods are doing to stay connected:

- decorating sidewalks with pictures, positive messages with sidewalk chalk

-painting rocks, hiding them around the neighborhood for others to find and then hide somewhere else in the neighborhood

- placing red paper hearts on trees around the neighborhoods

-decorating traffic circles or other common areas

-neighborhood walking groups- people walk at a pre-determined time- neighbors come out on their porches and say hello, while others walk around

-virtual happy hours via FaceTime, Zoom, etc.

-BYO coffee hours on a certain block in the neighborhood. Connect in person while practicing social distancing/ wearing masks to see who needs help, just connect w/ neighbors, etc.

Some participated in the "Let there be light" even on April 1 to show support for healthcare workers

Fun and Free:

One of our local Tucson businesses, Why I Love Where I Live has provided some free coloring sheets to keep us busy and entertained! The link to download them is on the front page of their website:

Your Feldman's officer's are working on ideas to connect our neighborhood; feel free to make suggestions! If you want more information on anything in this email, just reply and I will get the information for you.

Stay well-

Kathy Bell

President, Feldman's Neighborhood Association

Feldman's Neighbors:

We had neighbors express concerns about the La Frontera apartment building at 40 E. Adams. This facility, which opened in August 2019, provides 21 low-barrier apartments for veterans and the chronically homeless. FNA met with La Frontera leadership, Ward 3 and TPD representatives to discuss the following concerns:

-Onsite drug dealing, prostitution, domestic violence

-Excess onsite access and loitering on property by non-residents

-Pest control issues

La Frontera leadership was open about discussing and validating these issues were present and have taken the following actions to remedy them:

-As of October 2019, La Frontera has taken over property management, ending a relationship with the prior management firm due to inadequate and insufficient performance

-Have installed an updated and cloud based camera surveillance system for all main facility entrances, parking lots, etc.

-Ensured that all pest control and HUD required maintenance and apartment checks are performed monthly

-Have performed evictions in accordance with requirements of lease agreements

-Have confirmed that the required onsite support services are in place and adjusted as needed

Next Steps:

-Follow TPD's recommendations to install signage identifying onsite surveillance and the "no loitering/trespassing" policies in the parking lot and other public spaces

-Share the lease agreement with FNA officers

-Continue ongoing discussions, as needed with FNA to ensure they are fulfilling their goal of being a good neighbor

Should any concerns arise about this facility or any other neighborhood issues, feel free to contact the FNA officers using this email address: