Slowing Traffic Down to make our Streets Safer

Feldman's had the opportunity to participate in the "slow streets" pilot initiative that many cities took on during the COVID outbreak. We were able to close off N 4th Avenue from Speedway to Grant to local traffic only for 2 weeks, creating an open, outdoor space to walk, bike and play in the streets with little or no traffic.

The second phase of the pilot, which started in late 2020, is part of a report that the University of Oregon is participating in. Here is a link to that study:

This allowed us to narrow the street with paint, by striping off parking adjacent to the street right of way. We have continued to slow the traffic on N 4th Avenue and Drachman by installing speed humps. If you are interested in creating more "slow streets" in Feldman's, feel free to reach out to the Feldman's Neighborhood Association officers via email and tell them how you would like to get involved.

Ward 6/ Ward 3/ Pima County

The Feldman's neighborhood is supported by 2 Ward Offices- Ward 6 and Ward 3. Keeping informed via the Ward offices is a great way to stay up to date on what is going on in the City of Tucson. Ward office representatives and our Pima County liason attend our quarterly FNA meetings, however, thier newsletters provide great information on a weekly basis. If you aren't signed up for these newsletters, you may want to. Included below are links to both Council Member's newsletters as well as a link to our Pima County Supervisor's page.

Ward 6: Council Member Steve Kozachik

Ward 3: Council Member Kevin Dahl

Pima County: Supervisor Adelita Grijalva