Become an FNA Member

Members of the association are persons who reside in or own real property within Feldman's neighborhood, or businesses, agencies, or organizations that rent or own property within Feldman's. This is not a Home Owner's Association; we are a collection of neighbors who are committed to maintaining and improving our neighborhood.

Feldman's Neighborhood Association (FNA) annual dues are optional and are not mandatory to attend meetings, participate, or hold office. Dues go toward general funds, green funds, or legal funds. We encourage neighborhood residents to donate at least $15 as FNA dues. These can be paid through PayPal, check, card, or cash.

Usage of FNA dues and donations:

Green Funds: These have been used to improve public spaces in Feldman's, such as creating rain gardens, planting trees around pedestrian areas, and maintaining landscapes in roundabouts.

Land Use Attorney: Due to our desirable location in our Old Pueblo, a land use attorney is important for preserving the residential and historic quality of life in our neighborhood. The Feldman's legal fund is used to pay for these services.

You can pay dues or make donations online:

Rock the Feldman's look and support the 'hood.

$15, can be purchased at FNA meetings, social gatherings, or by contacting

In between meetings and the annual printed newsletter, Feldman's web site and listserve are the primary communication methods for association members. A printed newsletter is mailed once a year.